Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture




Associate Professor,

B.S. Agriculture, 1977 University of Tennessee.,

M.S. Animal Science 1979 University of Tennessee,

PH.D. Agricultural Economics 1987 Univ. of Tennessee.

Dr. Thompson is in a 100% teaching position in the Department of Agriculture. His area of study is in Agricultural Production and Marketing Economics. His Agri-Business courses include AEC 261, Introduction to Ag Economics; AEC 344, Ag Finance; AEC 442 Land Resource Economics; AEC 349, Ag Marketing; AEC 451, Farm and Ranch Management; AGR 542, Ag and Public Policy. Dr. Thompson's interests are farm level economic analysis, value added marketing, and economic development.

Dr. Thompson is the Faculty Advisor for Delta Tau Alpha and the Ag Business Club.

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