Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture


Agribusiness is a major designed to prepare the student for an fruitful and exciting career in agricultural production, marketing and finance in both the public and private sector.  The agribusiness curriculum emphasizes the integration of business management principles with the core agricultural disciplines such as animal science, and provides the student a solid orientation in the business of agriculture.


Whether you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are bound for a family business, or have a goal of a progressive career with one of agriculture's big corporations, the agribusiness major will give you the business perspective and the management skills needed to prosper in your chosen area of agriculture. Program studies in agribusiness focus on the planning and controlling agricultural operations and capitalizes on contact with local agricultural businesses for real-world insight and experiences. At SFASU, the agribusiness major is coupled with a required business minor which gives the SFASU Agribusiness Major a competitive edge in job market.

Agribusiness Degree Plan



Agribusiness and Economics ( AEC) 

261. Agricultural Economics ( AGRI 2317): Production economics, agricultural prices, money, banking, credit, land economics and public finance. Prerequisite: Six semester hours of agriculture. 

344. Agricultural Finance: Analysis of capital requirements for farming and ranching; determination of credit needs; lending sources and requirements; risks, costs and legal aspects of credit. 

349. Marketing of Agricultural Products: Marketing system as it applies to the farmer, and methods of reducing costs and of improving efficiency of agricultural marketing. Farmer's cooperatives emphasized. 

442. Natural Resource Economics: Economic, institutional and physical factors involved in the utilization and control of natural resources as they are related to agriculture.

451. Farm Management: Application of business principles to farming, organization and management of farms, farm records and farm accounts. Prerequisite: Twelve semester hours of Agriculture. 

Agricultural Development ( AGD)