Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

IMG 5585web This summer, agribusiness senior Ian Brock completed an internship at the Broiler Research Center located at the Walter C. Todd Agricultural Research Center. During Brock’s time there, he contributed to the valuable ongoing research that occurs through the SFA Department of Agriculture. We reached out to him to learn more about his work:

Tell us about the research you completed during this internship:
I have been working at the farm since my second semester of freshmen year, but the research trial I conducted began in May of this year.

My duties during my internship were to tend to the birds daily. The main focus of my internship was to test a litter system called the deep litter system to see how it compares to the conventional litter system seen in a normal broiler house. We tested for the betterment of bird health, as well as economic feasibility.             

This was very eye opening for me to be a part of. I was able to apply almost all of the skills and knowledge I have learned while at SFA and put it in a real-world perspective.

What was your favorite aspect of this internship?
My favorite part of the internship was being able to be a part of the research process and coming up with results when we analyzed the numbers. I liked being able to have real data to compare and contrast the differences in the two litter systems.

I learned to work a research protocol and use a spreadsheet in excel with real numbers that we collected. It was very interesting and exciting for me to experience, and I was able to use what I have learned through my agribusiness studies in an actual real-world scenario.

Do you have any additional comments?
I would tell someone who is coming into the Department of Agriculture who might not have an extensive background in agriculture to not be discouraged. There is so much to learn and a lot of exciting things to fall in love with in the agriculture field. A lack of experience shouldn’t keep you away from the field if you have any interest in it.