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The Master of Science Degree in Agriculture at SFASU is essentially a professional degree with a concentration in general agriculture.  However, a fulltime student may concentrate to a limited degree in an area of specialization by course selection.   The student may also develop a degree plan leading to further graduate study.  The degree is designed to serve:

1.  The Part-Time Student

Courses are offered in a sequence that enables a continuing student to register each semester without conflicts.

2.  The Full-Time Student

The full time student may take the recurring sequence of 500-level courses and regularly scheduled 400-level courses in the department of Agriculture.  These may be supplemented by courses of the 400- and 500-levels from the minor of electives to assure a full load of course work. Requirements for admission are the same as the general admission requirements of the Graduate School.

Graduate Program Requirements

Graduate Agriculture Core Course Schedule

Graduate Dean's Admission Form 

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantship Application form


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If interested in a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantship,please print the Application Form and mail to:

Dr. Joey Bray, Graduate Advisor, 

Department of Agriculture 

PO Box 13000 

Stephen F. Austin State University 

Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3000 

or FAX to 936-468-4047