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Soil, Plant & Water Analysis Laboratory

The Soil, Plant & Water Analysis Laboratory at Stephen F. Austin was established in 1952 to meet the soil testing needs of the East Texas community. As time progressed plant and water analyses were added.  The Lab also functions in support of the educational programs in the Agriculture Department and provides analytical services for faculty and students involved in research in the department as well as across campus. A variety of services are provided to meet the needs of growers and others involved with agriculture in the East Texas area and beyond. Some of these services include:

Soil analysis (Soil Sample Information Sheet)

Regular soil test

Soil is analyzed for nitrate nitrogen, and extractable phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. The level of each nutrient is reported along with the concentration. In addition, electrical conductivity is measured to determine the level of soluble salts. Soil pH and a buffer pH are measured to determine a lime requirement.

soil samplesComplete soil test

Includes the above test plus the concentration of iron, copper, zinc and manganese. Boron level can be determined for an additional charge.

Saturated paste extract

Designed particularly for potting media. Analyzed for nitrate-N, pH, soluble salts, calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Other soil tests

Other soil test procedures include soil texture determination, detailed salinity analysis, CEC and total S, P or N.


Forage and plant tissue analysis - (Forage Sample Information Sheet)

Regular forage analysis

Analysis for percent moisture, crude protein, acid detergent fiber and an estimated TDN. A protein only test can be conducted at a reduced price.

Nitric Digest TubeComplete forage analysis

Includes the above test plus analysis for concentrations of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and sulfur.

Leaf tissue analysis

Primarily for non-forage plants. Analyzed for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc and boron.

Nitrate analysis

Determines nitrate levels for producers concerned about potential nitrate toxicity in a forage.

NIR - Near infrared reflectance spectrometry

Provides a rapid determination of percent moisture, crude protein, ADF, NDF, TDN, IVTD and relative feed value for grass and legume forages.

Water Analysis

Standard water analysis

Water Sample Test Tubes

Primarily for irrigation water. Includes determination of pH, electrical conductivity (salts), carbonates, bicarbonates, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sulfate, chloride, phosphate and nitrate. (Water Sample Information Sheet)







Other tests routinely conducted by the Lab include lime quality analysis and poultry litter analysis for both feed and fertilizer use. (Manure/Litter/Lagoon Waste Water Information Sheet)

Why do a soils test?

Soil, Plant, and Water Lab Fees


A detailed report is returned to the customer at the completion of each of the above mentioned analyses. For additional information about the above tests or the other capabilities of the Lab, call (936) 468-4500, or email , or write P.O. Box 13025 SFA Station, Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3025.


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