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The Master of Science Degree in Agriculture at SFASU is essentially a professional degree with a concentration in general agriculture.  However, a fulltime student may concentrate to a limited degree in an area of specialization by course selection.   The student may also develop a degree plan leading to further graduate study.  The degree is designed to serve:

1.  The Part-Time Student

Courses are offered in a sequence that enables a continuing student to register each semester without conflicts.

2.  The Full-Time Student

The full time student may take the recurring sequence of 500-level courses and regularly scheduled 400-level courses in the department of Agriculture.  These may be supplemented by courses of the 400- and 500-levels from the minor of electives to assure a full load of course work. Requirements for admission are the same as the general admission requirements of the Graduate School.

Graduate Program Requirements -

Graduate Agriculture Core Course Schedule -

Graduate Dean's Admission Form -

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantship Application form -

If interested in a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantship,please print the Application Form and mail to:

Dr. Leon Young, Graduate Advisor,

Department of Agriculture

PO Box 13000

Stephen F. Austin State University

Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3000

or FAX to 936-468-4047


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