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FFA Career Development EventAgricultural Development : Agricultural Development is a course of study designed to prepare the student for a career in teaching, extension, or with agricultural service agencies whose purpose is to disseminate information related to the industry of agriculture. Special emphasis will be placed on communication skills needed to effectively promote the adoption and diffusion of new technology.

If you enjoyed your years in the FFA or 4H organizations or simply have a gift for working with people and organizations that build human potential, then a major in Agricultural Development may be a good choice for you. The current job market for people in teaching and extension continues to be strong with more job openings than applicants. The 120-hour major in Agricultural Development may be completed in one of two options. First, you may complete the requirements for initial teacher certification through a course of study designed to prepare you for an exciting career as a teacher of agricultural science and technology in the public schools. Students combine basic college courses with professional education and technical agricultural courses in order to become equipped with the teaching skills necessary for a successful career. This major culminates with a 12-week student teaching experience in a selected public school. Students majoring in another area of agriculture may also complete the teacher certification process as a post-baccalaureate student. (Link to teacher certification in Agricultural Development in catalog)

If public school teaching is not part of your career goals but your aspirations include employment in a service based career, then the non-teaching option may best suit your needs. This major may also be completed in 120 credit hours with the coursework focusing on all aspects of production agriculture, agricultural mechanization, and agribusiness. An internship experience in extension or with an agribusiness firm is highly recommended with this option. (link to non-teaching degree plan)

Career OpportunitiesStudent Teacher:

  • Agricultural Science Teacher
  • Agricultural Extension Agent
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service officer(NRCS)
  • Agricultural Lending Agencies
  • Agricultural Marketing and Sales
  • Service oriented jobs with the Integrated Poultry Industry
  • Public Relations

Degree Plans:

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